Delivering the freshest eggs

We’re able to deliver to you the freshest eggs, because our distributors deliver eggs that have come right from our farms to them. Each of these distributors are helping our local Grazing Fields farmers sustain and grow their farms. Through their partnership, we can deliver our humanely raised eggs to where you shop.


Pointe Dairy—Pointe Dairy has been a food distributor across the Midwest since 1968. They are a family-owned business that is dedicated to customer service and provides a wide range of high-quality food to their clients. Based in Troy, Michigan, they are now supplying even more Detroit area stores with Grazing Fields eggs. Visit https://www.pointedairy.com/ to find out more about their business.

Frog Holler—Frog Holler Produce started in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 40 years ago to help chefs get the freshest, highest quality produce in their restaurants. They now provide produce to restaurants throughout the Southeast Michigan and Grand Rapids area. They deliver Grazing Fields eggs to the Broken Egg restaurant in Ann Arbor and to other restaurants in the area. Learn more about their history and business at https://www.froghollerproduce.com/.

Cherry Capital—Cherry Capital Foods is a distributor based in Traverse City that is committed to local food in the Great Lakes Region. They provide the highest quality possible to their customers by using the highest quality products. They distribute Grazing Fields eggs to grocers and restaurants from Grand Rapids to Traverse City. Learn more about Cherry Capital at http://cherrycapitalfoods.com/.

Grazing Fields—We distribute our eggs as well. Doug Cole picks up eggs from our farms and delivers them weekly to grocery stores and restaurants in the Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Lansing areas. Try to spot our truck at a grocery store near you!

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