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Grazing Fields cooperative farms are working family farms. They’re located within 100 miles of our USDA inspected aggregation warehouse in Charlotte, Michigan. Each farm that provides eggs is licensed by the State of Michigan to wash, pack, grade and handle eggs. Pork is all raised with no antibiotics, added hormones, nitrates, or MSG.

That’s what our farmers do. It’s how they raise their kids and pass on the natural freshness and flavor to you. They’re committed to providing Grazing Fields’ store outlets and families with only the best. They go to special lengths to make certain the animals are carefully raised in pastured settings with quality feed that has not been genetically modified. It’s a humane approach all through the process from farm to your table. That’s why you can taste the difference. And isn’t it great to know that when you’re enjoying Grazing Fields products you’re supporting small, dedicated farmers?


Deborah, Ralph, Cameron, Chelsea, Angus Collar

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• Collar Family

It’s About Quality

Grazing Fields has an egg traceability system from henhouse to store shelves to ensure premium quality and food safety. This entails rigorous standards of on-farm handling of chickens from hatch to end of life. Standards include yearly on-site inspections and quarterly reporting together with strict daily documentation of chicken life.

Adhering to the requirements, we guarantee the laying hens a stress-free life in which they can freely express all of those natural behaviors like fully stretching their wings, dusting their feathers, perching, preening and scratching. And our pigs are sitting pretty with what’s best for them which, it turns out, is best for you.


Become a Grazing Fields Farmer

Grazing Fields Co-op Services is a great way for you to strengthen the health of your farm.  Farmer members are supported with like-minded people who are committed to the same values and lifestyle you are as a local Michigan farmer. You’ll find great value with services in marketing, distribution, education, technical research and development of products. To find out more, email

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