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Grazing Fields General Manager Jane Bush talks about the value of local, independent grocers to customers and to their communities.

Why are local independent grocers so important?

Local grocers play a unique role because they are much more likely than corporate chains to deal with local farmers, processors, and producers. So, not only are independent grocers themselves part of your local community, they support other businesses in your community. By shopping at a local, independent grocer, you’re supporting a network of your own neighbors.

Does this have an impact on customer service?

Definitely! The people who own the store usually manage the store. They’re much more amenable to service you personally, to bring in different products that you might want to see in the store.

The publicly traded companies are obligated to first satisfy their shareholders. Local, independent grocers want to keep you happy!

And there’s a broader impact, too. Independent grocers are more likely to be involved in your community life and also to participate in charitable causes that directly affect the community where you live.

But, someone might say, “I’m managing a tight budget, and I can get cheaper prices at the ‘big box’ store down the street.”

Two things come to mind about that. First, quality, freshness, and knowing where your food came from are important. You get a much more direct relationship with the producer through your local food store, resulting in fresher products.

Second, by shopping at your local, independent grocer, you’re investing in the success of your community. There’s real value—relational value and economic value—in that.

In other words, we’re all in it together.

Yes. We know each other and depend on one another. Especially when you’re looking at independent grocers that are situated directly in the urban areas. They’re handy, they’re on the corner, or just down the street from you, within a mile or so. If they go out of business, you’re going to have to go several miles to a “big box” store.

We’ve been talking about the relationship between customers and grocers. What’s the relationship between Grazing Fields and local independent grocers?

We’re definitely aligned with independent grocers. Together, we offer unique products that customers can’t get from a chain grocer.

You know, you’re not likely to find much local product in a chain store! In fact, it’s very difficult for independent producers and processors to get their products inside the chain stores because of the business layers you have to negotiate and because of the volume requirements they have.

The variety and freshness of what we offer is unique to the independent stores.

So, we can think of Grazing Fields and local independent grocers as a team.

Right. We’re a team bringing products to your grocery aisle that are unique in terms of freshness and flavor and quality. We’re a team that is imbedded in the network of the local economy and the local community—helping maintain the economic diversity of the local food market and contributing to the quality of life throughout the community.

Be in touch with Jane if you’d like to learn more.



To find a local independent grocer near you that carries Grazing Field, click here.


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