Meet Our Team

Grazing Fields’ staff works hard to keep Farm Fresh Pork and Free Range Eggs moving from our farms to our distribution center, to your local grocery or restaurant, to your table.

Jane Bush

Our General Manager & Chief Visionary

Jane came to farming in the classic tradition of the family farm – her aunt and uncle’s apple orchard in Charlotte, Michigan – where she worked and played as a child. When the farm came up for sale, Jane bought it and expanded her passion to include free-range eggs and farm raised pork. Now working with over 20 local farms, Jane and her team have grown Grazing Fields into a local market leader, delivering to customers within a 100-mile radius. With food that fresh, you can taste the difference!


Doug Cole

Logistics Manager

Doug has been with Grazing Fields for over ten years and has never missed a day’s work (O.K., maybe one) and never dropped an egg. (O.K., maybe two). Before coming to Grazing Fields, he was an independent grocery store manager in East Lansing.

He delivers packaging supplies and picks up farm members’ eggs weekly in our refrigerated truck. During his weekly visits to the farms, he documents certified humane standards, free-range egg production and quality measures, which ensures each member farm’s adherences. Doug also ensures friendly and timely delivery to each of Grazing Fields customers. He not only delivers Grazing Fields Free-Range Eggs and Farm Fresh Pork—but also outstanding customer service.


Paulette Gallagher

Customer Service and Financial Assistant

Paulette has been with Grazing Fields for 3 years. She has a wealth of small business operation know-how and has helped to improve our office systems to improve our efficiencies and keep the costs down for our customers. She also supports Grazing Fields customers via expert customer service.


Aimee Swenson

Certification and Training

Aimee Swenson is a livestock project manager and coordinates and implements standards certification programs and training for the farmers in the co-op. You can also find her at the farmers markets in the region selling Grazing Fields meat and eggs. Aimee has raised sheep, pigs, and chickens and is a small farm shearer throughout the Midwest. She is passionate about providing farmer education and training on livestock behavior, handling, and breed-specific environmental requirements to maximize animal welfare and improve human-livestock relationships. Aimee is currently completing her PhD in Community Sustainability at MSU, and is doing dissertation research on the effects of geopolitics on farmer and farm animal welfare.

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