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Meet Non-GMO Larry

Larry Curtiss grew up on his family farm that was established back in 1964. He worked with his dad learning how to care for the animals and the crops, and keep the machinery in good repair. Larry was a natural with a knack for everything hands on. He built on this through further preparation with a degree from Michigan State University. He was committed to producing something of real quality while keeping the business healthy. With those skills he knew he could provide flavorful food for families for years to come.

Over time Larry took the reins and grew the farm into a very vital farming operation. Pork is a highlight. Since his family had raised hogs as he was growing up, he had many years of experience learning how to create an environment where the animals thrive and the pork product is top-of-the-line.

And Larry’s not one to shy away from a challenge. If you know a Spartan, you know that “Spartans will.”

“There’s a lot to running a farm. Many people don’t realize all the things you’ve got to pay attention to and keep in balance. But that’s why I like it. You keep learning and working hard and it ends up with something great on people’s table at home.”

When it came to his pork product, Larry wasn’t about to short on quality. “With the support of Grazing Fields, we aligned our operation to meet the stringent requirements of the Non-GMO Project and now we’re the only verified Non-GMO producer in the area.”

If you visit his farm near Lake Odessa you’ll see how each building is equipped with various elements required to deliver the Non-GMO label and its guarantee. It’s just another expression of the commitment Larry made years ago to provide families with the highest quality, flavorful food. But you’d have to get there really early to see Larry. He’s out in the field before sun up ‘til after sunset. It’s just something you can count on.

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