Farmhouse Scramble

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What’s Your Farmhouse Scramble?

Make it Tasty with Grazing Fields Eggs

It’s early morning and now that the kids are back in school, you’re “scrambling” to get everyone out the door. But you want them to go into the day kick-started with a healthy breakfast. Here’s an option that’s guaranteed to hit the mark.

Make your own Farmhouse Scramble!

Start by pulling together fresh produce you have ready at hand. Gather some potatoes, onions, red or green peppers (or both!) and your favorite greens like broccoli, kale, or spinach.

Based on the size of the clan you’ll be serving, chop up two or three potatoes and stir fry them in a little olive oil. While they are cooking up, chop up the other vegetables and toss them in.

In another skillet start some pork sausage or bacon.

Add a few spices to taste—the basics like salt and pepper but also consider a little basil or cilantro.

Once the vegetables have started to brighten up in color as they cook, it’s time to add your Grazing Fields eggs. Crack them over the skillet and mix them in with the vegetables.

If you’ve fried up sausage or bacon, now is time to mix that in. And add a little grated cheese for an extra bit of zing. Let things cook for another minute. Then serve.

Your family will love how good your unique, sure-fire Farmhouse Scramble tastes and you’ll be confident knowing that they’ve started their day with nutrient-rich fresh produce and free range Grazing Fields eggs.

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