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Grazing Fields’ philosophy is to support local farmers, businesses, and ecosystems. One way we do this is through community reinvestment. The farmers that are part of our cooperative get 55% of sales, while traditionally, egg farmers get only 11% of sales. This means that each year, farmers get more money back than they would if they went through a traditional distributor.

Last year, $640,000 went back to community farmers as a result of Grazing Fields egg sales. This means that small farmers in mid-Michigan were able to reinvest that money in their farms, families, and local communities.

This local philosophy also relates to our belief in sustainability. By distributing eggs to local grocery stores in Michigan, we’re reducing the distance they have to travel to get to your refrigerator. There are lower carbon emissions from fossil fuels when the eggs are transported in this manner than for them to travel cross-country from large production egg farms.

Not only do we try to reduce carbon emissions through sustainable farming practices and shorter distances of transport, the egg cartons themselves are made with the environment in mind—constructed of pulp, which can be recycled easily. Many egg companies create sticker labels, which cannot be recycled easily; but Grazing Fields prints labels directly onto the cartons so that the whole thing can be recycled conveniently.

Our local and sustainable philosophy drives everything we do here at Grazing Fields. We hope that you will enjoy some of our products and support the local community soon. See our store locator to find Grazing Fields eggs near you:

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