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At Grazing Fields, we feel that sustainability—not harming the environment…not depleting our natural resources…supporting long-term ecological balance—is an absolute must. To do that our generation must manage our resources so that the quality of life can be sustained for future generations!

One way that Grazing Fields is helping is by offering locally produced products that are non-GMO. Because we meet all the regulations for delivering USDA-verified pork, our customers can buy non-GMO verified pork locally—produced, processed and grown in Michigan…from humanely-raised animals…without any antibiotics or hormones added…all delivered to their local grocery shelf.

Our line includes pork chops, breakfast sausage, breakfast links, sweet Italian sausage, hot Italian sausage and bratwurst. All of the sausages are made with certified organic spices, ground fresh for our use on every batch. It’s great tasting…made from the prime cuts of the animal…and has a full, unique flavor, unlike most other sausages that are made from less desirable cuts.

The sausages are frozen, ensuring a large measure of food safety while not affecting the quality of the taste at all. And there are so many wonderful recipes for the pork!

But one important fact, that I can’t begin to emphasize enough, is that all of the hogs are produced on local Michigan farms…and these farms save their seed from year to year. That’s what part of the non-GMO verification is all about.

When we say that our pork is “non-GMO,” that means that the seeds are not genetically modified…and this is more wholesome. When the farmers save the seeds, the next year, they’ll be planting those seeds that they saved out of the harvest from the previous year. By doing this, they’re building a stronger seed base for the central Michigan climate.

It’s really looking at the supply chain of seed that the hog is being fed to provide a quality seed for the hog. The seed is not shipped in from anywhere. It’s grown on the same farm that the hogs are raised on. This ensures sustainability, because they’re not relying on an outside source for their seed.

Non-GMO—one reason that, when you see the Grazing Fields label, you can count on a great-tasting product to sustain you and your family for generations to come.

Jane Bush
General Manager
Grazing Fields

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