Two Local Businesses Connect

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Part of the “delicious” in Achatz Pies is…Grazing Fields Eggs

Two Local Businesses Connect

Wendy Achatz began Achatz Handmade Pie Company with her husband, Dave, in 1993 out of their home in Armada, Michigan. First selling exclusively at farmer’s markets, the business has grown to a team of over one hundred making tens of thousands of pies in small batches each week. These delicious pies are distributed to over 1,000 grocery stores and restaurants across the US and Canada and also sold in six company pie shops serving the Metro Detroit area. (To learn more about what inspired Wendy and Dave, click here.

One of the company’s core values is to source ingredients locally. That’s where Grazing Fields comes in. We are privileged to supply Achatz with our free-range farm fresh eggs. We deliver our eggs straight from our farms every week to help Achatz fulfill its promise of offering the most delicious, freshest handmade pies.

Not only are we privileged to be connected to Achatz through the eggs we provide, we are also united in our commitment to support the local farming community. Things like investing in more sustainable approaches to preserve the local soil, reducing carbon footprint, and keeping dollars flowing in the local food supply chain to benefit local communities, small businesses, and the families they serve.

Here’s the Achatz mission statement. Not unexpectedly, it’s very similar to ours.

Our mission is to find the best and healthiest products for you and the planet: fruits, sugar, milk, butter, flour, eggs, etc. Our customers value and love our pies because of the freshness and high quality. They trust that the ingredients we bring into our Bake House to make our pies are free of toxic agro-chemicals, raised humanely and respectfully, and that the farmers we work with are faithful stewards, rebuilding and regenerating the soil, which contributes to clean water and air for the long term sustainability of our planet.

So, whenever you go to your local grocery store look for Achatz pies or stop in at one of their six stores. You can be confident that all the ingredients are the highest quality and are sourced from local partners like Grazing Fields.


If you want to learn more about our farm fresh eggs, click here.

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