Delivering Farm Fresh Eggs & Michigan Pork for over 20 Years


Farm Fresh Eggs,
Delivered to Your Door

Purchase Grazing Fields eggs and you purchase Michigan natural brown eggs from free-range chickens, raised by local farmers, and delivered fresh each week.


Farm Fresh
Michigan Pork

Grazing Fields is committed to providing premium Michigan pork products. They’re healthy and simple: no antibiotics, no hormones, no nitrates, and no MSG.


Raised Healthy

Healthy feed makes for healthy hogs—that’s good for you and the environment. And that’s why we make certain our pork is non-GMO verified. The seal assures you that our animals have been raised according to the Non-GMO Project’s high standards.
Find out more at www.nongmoproject.org

The Grazing Fields’ Promise
—the freshest most flavorful food

Grazing Fields is recognized as one of the top-run multi-farm cooperatives in the State of Michigan. We’re famous for providing the highest-quality egg and pork products to our customers who simply can’t compromise on quality or timeliness. We’re glad we have that reputation, but what matters most to us is your enjoyment. That’s why we promise that we will do everything we can to deliver the freshest, most flavorful food products to your family every time we make a delivery, starting right on the farm.


We make it easy to live simple

Discover what our customers already know – Grazing Fields delivers deliciously, sustainably, and always on time! Want to know where you can buy our products?

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